16-20-Slot 6U VME/VPX or CompactPCI Lightweight Enclosure

Macrolink’s Leopard series is a family of premiere-quality, rugged chassis designed to meet extreme environmental demands and weight restrictions pervasive to modern deployments. The Leopard-X and Leopard-XI members of this family set a new standard for lightweight, high-power, VME/VPX or cPCI chassis.

ML-1900 Series Leopard-X & Leopard-XI 20-Slot Convection-Cooled Electronic Equipment Enclosure

A precise blend of machined, formed, and extruded members impart an exceptional degree of structural integrity, while eliminating excess material and significantly reducing the number of mechanical fasteners for increased reliability and ease of access to Field Replaceable Units (FRUs). The primary chassis structure (without power supply, card cage, and fans) weighs under five pounds – unprecedented for a chassis of this type and size.

Access to system boards and backplane is via removable covers. The power supply assembly is readily removed from the exterior of the chassis with simple tools, without the need to access the interior of the chassis. All internal and external surfaces are chromate conversion coated with a powder-coated exterior finish providing maximum protection against corrosion. All materials and finishes meet fungus and salt atmosphere resistance per MIL-STD-810E.

The Leopard’s card cage assembly accepts two to 20 6U VME/cPCI or 16 VPX boards into a monolithic backplane. Ample, unrestricted, free space is provided to the rear of the backplane for paddle cards, sub-racks, and discreet backplane to I/O bulkhead cabling. Over 43 square inches of I/O panel space accommodates the densest of I/O configurations.

An oversized, filtered air intake and precise baffling, combined with high-efficiency/high-pressure fans, insures generous airflow through the card cage. A configurable metering plate insures precise, optimal airflow to each slot. A sophisticated thermal management design extends the Leopard’s operating capability to environments from -20°C to +50°C ambient.

Complete EMI/RFI integrity is maintained via conductive interior surfaces, braided gaskets on all moveable panels and front doors, conductive gaskets on all mating joints, and honeycomb-shielded vent screens front and rear. All faying surfaces are clear of finish to maintain optimal conductivity.

Macrolink’s Leopard series is the ideal chassis to meet the most stringent demands of airborne, field fixed, naval surface, and ground mobile deployments at an affordable price with the rapid delivery of a COTS enclosure.

Drawing on decades of design and field deployment experience, the Leopard is crafted to provide maximum configuration flexibility, long life, and dependable service with minimal maintenance.

Leopard X Leopard XI
Construction & Finish Brazed 6061/T6 aluminum per MIL-B-7883, Type V, Grade AAll internal/external surfaces chromate conversion coated per MIL-C-5541 Grade A Class 3External finish is semi-gloss Black, color #27038, in accordance with TT-E-529, FED-STD 595 & MIL-F-14072Other colors and/or finishes available
Card Cage Assembly 20-Slot 6U VME/cPCI or 16 slot VPX backplaneMacrolink designed low-impedance backplaneVibration dampened card guidesOptional conformal coating (Acrylic or Parylene)Custom, application specific backplanes available
Switches & Indicators Main Power switch/circuit breakerAC Power On LED – GreenDC Power Good LED – GreenFan Good LED – GreenSystem Reset switchElapsed Time Indicator (ETI) reading to 9999 hours¼ x 20 ground stud w/blind nut Main Power switch/circuit breakerPower On LED – GreenDC Power Good LED – GreenFan Good LED – GreenSystem Reset switchElapsed Time Indicator (ETI) reading to 9999 hours¼ x 20 ground stud w/blind nut
Power Supply 1.3KW DC output80% efficiency over voltage & temperature rangeInput voltage range – 108 to 118VACOver Voltage ProtectionQualified to MIL-STD-704E 1.4KW DC output>70% efficiency over voltage & temperature rangeInput voltage range – 25.5VDC to 29.0VDCOver Voltage Protection
Input Power 110VAC 3-Phase Wye; 400 HzAC in: MS27656T17F6P 28VDC, 110VAC 3-Phase Wye fan powerDC In: TVPS00RF-23-6PN (LC)AC In: D38999/20FC4PN
DC Outputs +5VDC @ 120A
+3.3VDC @ 100A
+12VDC @ 15A
-12VDC @ 15A
Remote sensing on all outputs
+5VDC @ 117A
+3.3VDC @ 60A
+12VDC @ 29A
-12VDC @ 19A
Remote sensing on +5 & +3.3
Chassis I/O Removable front I/O panel5.75”H x 14.00”W (80.5 Sq. In.) / 146mmH x 356mmWAvailable blank & finished or pre-punched, finished & silkscreenedI/O panels available with connectors, or connectors & internal cabling installed
System Monitor Module Intelligent, processor driven, system monitoringMonitors temperature, power & fansReal-time system status available via RS-232 or Ethernet
EMI/RFI Integrity All faying surfaces clear of finishBraided gasket on all removable surfacesConductive gasket on all mating jointsHoneycomb EMI vent screens front & rearEMI/EMC shielding meets JASA standards
Dimensions 13.96”H x 19.00”W x 20.76”D (355mm H x 483mm W x 506mm D — With front & rear handles13.96”H x 19.00”W x 19.92”D (355mm H x 483mm W x 506mm D — Without front & rear handles
Weight 51 Lbs (23.1Kg) 54.3 Lbs (24.6Kg)
Cooling Filtered, forced-airThree high-pressure/high-volume 3-Phase fans250 CFM aggregate air-flow (free air)Adaptable metering plate for optimized slot-by-slot airflowOther application/deployment specific cooling designs available
Ambient Temperature -20ºC (-4ºF) to +60ºC (+140ºF) Operating-65ºC (-85ºF) to +85º (+185ºF) Non-Operating -20ºC (-4ºF) to +55ºC (+131ºF)Operating-57ºC (-70.6ºF) to +85º (+185ºF) Non-Operating
Altitude 0’ to 30,000’ / 0 to 9,140M Operational-1,000’ to 70,000’ / -303.2M to 21,336M  Non-Operational 0’ to 10,000’ / 0 to 3,048M Operational-1,000’ to 70,000’ / -303.2M to 21,336M Non-Operational
Humidity 5 to 95% (Non-Condensing)
MTBF >12,000 P.O.H. per MIL-HDBK-217F
MTTR < 30 Minutes
Environmental Qualifications*
per MIL-STD-810E
Shock; Operational 15Gs @ 11ms; Procedure 1
Shock; Crash Safety 30Gs @ 11ms; Procedure V
Vibration; Operating 10Hz/.004PSD to 2KHz/.00025PSD
Vibration; Survival 10Hz/.01PSD to 2KHz/.0016PSD
Acceleration; Structural -6.0Gs to +9.0Gs
Acceleration; Operational -2.5Gs to +6.0Gs
High/Low Temperature Per Methods 501.4 & 502.4
Altitude Per Method 500.4; Procedure III & IV
Humidity Per Method 507.4
EMI/RFI Qualifications*
per MIL-STD-461E
Conducted Emissions CE102
Conducted Susceptibility CS101
Radiated Emissions RE102
Filter Insertion Loss Per MIL-STD 220A
ESD Per MIL-STD-1686A (Class 3)
Part Number 530145 530909