10-Slot New 1300 W Extreme Altitude Brazed Aluminum

Macrolink’s Manx series is a family of premiere-quality, rugged chassis designed to meet extreme environmental demands and weight restrictions. The Manx members of this family set a new standard for lightweight, high-power VME/VPX/cPCI chassis.

ML-1900 Series Manx 10-Slot Convection Cooled Electronic Equipment Enclosure

A precise blend of machined, formed, and extruded members impart an exceptional degree of structural integrity, while eliminating excess material and significantly reducing the number of mechanical fasteners for increased reliability and ease of access to Field Replaceable Units (FRUs).

Access to system boards, backplane, and rear transition modules is via hinged covers. All internal and external surfaces are chromate conversion coated with a powder-coated exterior finish providing maximum protection against corrosion. All materials and finishes meet fungus and salt atmosphere resistance per MIL-STD-810E.

The Manx’s card cage assembly accepts up to ten 6U VME/VPX or cPCI boards into a monolithic backplane. There is ample area on the rear of the chassis assembly to accommodate the densest of I/O configurations.

An oversized, filtered air intake combined with high-efficiency/high-pressure fans insures generous airflow through the card cage. A sophisticated thermal management design extends the Manx’s operating capability to environments from -20°C to +55°C ambient.

Complete EMI/RFI integrity is maintained via conductive interior surfaces, braided gaskets on all moveable panels and front doors, conductive gaskets on all mating joints, and honeycomb-shielded vent screens front and rear. All faying surfaces are clear of finish to maintain optimal conductivity.

Macrolink’s Manx series is the ideal chassis to meet the most stringent demands of airborne, field fixed, naval surface, and ground mobile deployments at an affordable price and the rapid delivery of a COTS enclosure.