Data-At-Rest recorder from Macrolink, now includes NSA Type 1 certified encryptor for unattended operation

John McHale, Editorial Director, OpenSystems Media

Engineers at Macrolink, a BE Aerospace Company, achieved National Security Agency (NSA) embedment approval for the company’s Data-At-Rest (DAR) Recorder targeted for unattended operation on unmanned platforms. This is a big win for Macrolink and as far as I know it is the first solution of its kind available to the industry. It also builds on a discussion in our February/March issue of Military Embedded Systems magazine.

The availability of this type of system was covered that issue in an article titled “’Keys’ to COTS encrypting of data-at-rest,” by Paul Davis, Director of Product Management at Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions. The article suggested that this new product may be more timely to industries’ needs than was previously thought. In the article Davis writes:

“For applications that require TSABI security, an encryption product will need a minimum of NSA Type 1 certification. A few TSABI encryptors, developed at government expense for a program of record, are currently available for DAR applications. At present, none of these encryptors have been certified for unattended operation on platforms such as unmanned air, ground, or undersea vehicles. Currently, some programs are considering combined requirements for TSABI and unattended operation. It will require one program of record and a Department of Defense (DoD) sponsor to step forward and drive TSABI encryptor certification for unattended operation.”

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